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Nazar may refer to:

Nazar (amulet)

A nazar (, Old Turkic: gökçe munçuk, meaning "blue bead") is an eye-shaped amulet believed to protect against the evil eye ("evil eye", from nazar and boncuğu from "boncuk", which means "bead" in Turkish). The word "nazar" is derived from the Arabic نظر, "sight" or "seeing".

In Persian folklore, it is called a cheshm nazar (چشم نظر) or nazar ghorboni (نظرقربونی).

In Urdu, it is also called "nazar" (نظر).

Nazar (film)

Nazar is a Hindi film directed by Soni Razdan starring Meera and Ashmit Patel. It was the first Indo-Pakistani joint movie venture in 50 years. The film introduces Pakistani actress Meera to Bollywood and it also featured a kissing scene ( afterwards cut) which was center of attention for the Pakistani government. Nazar was released along with Naina, another film based on the similar theme of extra-sensory perception. Although Naina was horror flick and Nazar was a musical thriller.

Nazar (given name)

Nazar is a masculine name with multiple origins.

Nazar (rapper)

Ardalan Afshar (; born 20 September 1984 in Tehran), better known by his stage name Nazar, is an Austrian rapper of Iranian descent from Vienna.

Nazar (band)

Nilüfer - Grup Nazar was a Turkish band that entered the Eurovision Song Contest 1978. The band included Olcayto Ahmet Tuğsuz who went on to compose Turkey's Eurovision entries in 1982 and 1987 and San Marino's entry in 2016. Their song "Sevince", written by Dağhan Baydur and H. Aktunç came a clear first at the Turkish TV contest, finished at 18th of 20 with only 2 points. The B-side was "Darling", also written by Baydur. Dağhan Baydur would later (1999) produce the Turkish-language Beatles cover album Beatles Alaturca with Fuat Güner of MFÖ and Erdal Kızılçay.

Nazar (1991 film)

Nazar (The Gaze) is a 1991 Hindi film based on Fyodor Dostoevsky's short story, The Meek One. The film produced by the National Film Development Corporation of India (NFDC) was directed by Mani Kaul and starred his daughter Shambhavi Kaul with Shekhar Kapur and Surekha Sikri.

The film travelled to international festivals like the Birmingham Film Festival in UK, Fribourg Film Festival in Germany, Hong Kong International Film Festival, Lisbon Film Festival in Portugal, Locarno Film Festival in Switzerland, London Film Festival in UK, Rotterdam Film Festival in Netherlands, Festival des 3 continent at Nantes in France and the Seattle Film Festival in United States.

Nazar (album)

Nazar is the first album by guitarist Joe Chawki, in collaboration with musician Hodge Gjonbalaj.