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Somehow, for reasons not specified in the skimpy edition of the newspaper, Nayre had shifted from Castenago and joined the Durez faction.

It was a connecting door, and the man who flung it wide was Colin Nayre, the only person absent from the conference.

The one man was Colin Nayre, and he was struggling with the two policemen who had been in the fray from the start.

So Nayre, thinking that The Shadow perhaps had fled from a misunderstood situation, decided that a quick out was his course, too.

Taking it for granted that revolution had broken out amid the Durez faction itself, Margo thought that the police pursuit of Nayre was quite legitimate.

He opened the door just as the roadster spurted, and before Margo could shift to the brake pedal, Nayre decided matters for her.

Up ahead, an armored truck was roaring off into the maze-like depths of Miami Beach, and the taxicab was heading after it, which Margo wanted to do, too, but Nayre decided otherwise.

Colin Nayre, a young man who might, at least, disclose some of the underlying clues to the movements of Murk Wessel and his gang of killers.

She was just beginning to think about the speedometer, for future reference, when Nayre gave another nudge with the gun.

At least, the sand was thick underfoot, and therefore soft to her bare feet, as Margo walked to the old office building, Nayre keeping close beside her.

There, Nayre knocked, and the door was opened by a dull-faced man who held a lantern.

Margo nodded, indicating that she believed everything that Nayre had said.

Though the murderers escaped by water, from Miami Beach, the authorities are still searching for a man named Colin Nayre, who disappeared with them.

It was Nayre who interrupted the broadcast, by snapping off the switch.

She eased back, hoping to show indifference when Nayre looked her way.