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Navar (band)

Navar was an American rock band from Fillmore, New York. Navar released four albums. Navar's first, Navar was released in 2002. Navar's second, Your Window, was released in 2003 and was recorded at Chameleon West Studios with Robbie Takac of the Goo Goo Dolls. Navar's third, Touch of Class, was released in July 2005 and recorded at Navar's own Sea Legs Studio in Belmont, New York. Navar has been showcased on the Mike and Ike website and have been on a Howard Stern compilation CD. Navar has played at some famous rock clubs like CBGB and the Continental as well as the NXNE music festival in Toronto, Canada. Navar also appeared on Buffalo radio station 107.7 The Lake's Local Music compilation. Navar has opened for the Go Gooo Dolls, Thrrrd Eye Blind, and Real Big Fish. Navar released their fourth studio album, Swallowed by the Wolf on August 14, 2007. Navar's music can be purchased on Cdbaby and Amazon. Navar's lead singer Pat Barry stars in Gavin Degraw's new music video for his single "Cheated on me". Navar's Pat Berry can also be seen briefly in the 2010 classic When in Rome. Navar received critical success early on, but started to diminish in popularity as time went on due to lack of shows and lack of substantial promotion.


Navar or Navor or Naver ( or ) may refer to:

  • Navar, Hamadan (نوار - Navār)
  • Navar, West Azerbaijan (ناور - Nāvar)

Usage examples of "navar".

For once Jed enjoyed a guilty delight at the way he intimidated Miri and Navar, forbidding them to have anything to do with it.

Jed brought Gari and Navar, who were intensely curious, twittering together as they walked down the length of the corridor.

Once the tube was locked and pressurized, Beth, Gari, and Navar came rushing in to greet the returning hero.