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n. (context transport military internet English) navigation. Often used attributively, as in (term nav beacon English).


NAV or Nav may refer to:

Usage examples of "nav".

Renata came to the conclusion that Nav and I were not sleeping together.

Nav a challenging smile, and I could feel Nav decide never to be friends with her.

African descent, I think Nav would have nailed her right there for what bordered tentatively on racist comments.

The other one must have a hundred gallons of salt water in it, and Nav is right.

No one in the room is watching except the recorded Nav, who I can feel is holding her breath.

Fingers tangle in my clothes, and I feel Nav taking off her underpants, dropping them next to the sink.

Annmarie will give birth to whatever it is when she gets here with Renata, so Nav keeps a close watch on the valley below.

In doing that, he cut us much too close, snapped off a dozen masts, sensors and nav guides.

Employ Order of Battle options to lay out the nav for each ship of the combined fleet from Point Icarus to target.

Racked by spasms through his cut innards and legs, Bonifay let Keller lower him from the crescent deck to the nav chair without even trying to hide his misery.

Shucorion stood there alone, gazing down at Keller, and at Bonifay at the nav pulpit After a pause, he came down to the command center.

Wincing in the nav chair, Bonifay proclaimed his presence without even glancing at Keller for permission.

He held on to the nav station to keep on his feet as another hit rolled under them.

The hit rocked Ryan out of the nav chair, and for all the talk about not lifting a finger, Shucorion bothered to pick the crewman up and hurry him back to his post.

Startled, Ryan glanced at him, then bolted from the nav and jumped up to the fore-quarterdeck.