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Nauen is a town in the Havelland district, in Brandenburg, Germany. It is situated 38 km west of Berlin (centre) and 26 km northwest of Potsdam.

Nauen (disambiguation)

Nauen is a town in the Havelland district, Brandenburg, Germany.

Nauen may also refer to:

  • Nauener Tor, one of the three preserved gates of Potsdam
  • Nauen Transmitter Station, oldest transmitting plant in the world, located in Brandenburg, Germany
  • Nauen Radio Station, developed by Germany physicist Georg von Arco (1869-1940)
  • Nauen line, railway track serving Narrow gauge small locomotives of the Deutsche Reichsbahn

Usage examples of "nauen".

Pathfinders were supposed to run into Berlin on the radar echoes of a line of three towns - Stendal, Rathenow and Nauen - but those marker aircraft which had drifted south of track used the echoes of three other towns with similar radar characteristics - Genthin, Brandenburg and Potsdam - and thus arrived at a point which they thought was the centre of the target area but was fifteen miles south of their intended position, and this is where they released their markers.

Wireless messages flashed the story from Algiers to Cartagena, and it was thence disseminated throughout the civilized world by the wireless stations at Paris, Nauen, Moscow, and Georgetown.