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natural sciences

n. (natural science English)

Natural Sciences (Cambridge)

The Natural Sciences Tripos (NST) are several courses which form the University of Cambridge system of undergraduate teaching (called Tripos). It is known for its broad range of study in the first year, in which students cannot study just one discipline, but instead must choose three courses in different areas of the natural sciences and one in mathematics. As is traditional at Cambridge, the degree awarded after Part II is a BA. An MSci is available to those who take the optional Part III.

Usage examples of "natural sciences".

In that sense, however, it would comprehend all the natural sciences, every created thing being a subject of natural history in extenso.

Similar ones apply to other historical subjects whose place among the natural sciences is nevertheless secure, including astronomy, climatology, ecology, evolutionary biology, geology, and paleontology.

The white forms acquired definition: one of them grew vaguely human in appearance, another went from phallus to ampule to alembic, and the third was clearly taking on the aspect of a bird, an owl with great eyeglasses and erect ears, the hooked beak of an old schoolmistress, a teacher of natural sciences.

It is probably safe to say that no two people in the natural sciences have ever despised each other more.

Over the past two decades, philosophers, sociologists, even anthropologists, have tried to strip away some of the mystery of the natural sciences, to cut our claims to objectivity down to size, to subject our methods of arguing, our assertions that we can tell the truth about the natural world, to searching criticism.

This rules out all natural sciences (this campus's greatest strength).

Miss Elphaba has already told me her interests lie in the natural sciences.

They do not see that the role of the natural sciences in this matter is merely to serve as an instrument for the illumination of one side of it.

After having become acquainted with the ancient languages, the natural sciences and history, and being admitted into the society of the most eminent literary characters, he submitted, at the age of twenty, to an illustrious academy, the solution of one of the most difficult problems that the history of antiquity has left open for discussion.