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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ And the natty duds and the good rocking tonight. 39.
▪ Car owners needing their wheel or battery changed are now greeted by men clad in bright orange uniforms and natty caps.
▪ He was pale and natty as ever.
▪ Phillip was chosen for the honour because of the natty suits he sometimes favours.
▪ Smell it almost, although the man, a natty dresser by Peter's standards, had loaded himself with aftershave.
▪ The door opened and Nicholas gave a name, not his own, to a natty young man he detested on sight.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Natty \Nat"ty\, a. [Cf. Neat clean.] Neatly dressed; smart; trim; tidy; spruce. [Colloq.] [1913 Webster] -- Nat"ti*ly, adv. -- Nat"ti*ness, n.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1785, "neat, smart," originally slang, perhaps an altered form of 16c. nettie "neat, natty," from Middle English net "pure, fine, elegant" (see neat). Related: Nattily.


a. 1 (context informal English) smart and fashionable. 2 (Jamaican slang) knotty (e. g. natty dreadlocks)

  1. adj. marked by smartness in dress and manners; "a dapper young man"; "a jaunty red hat" [syn: dapper, dashing, jaunty, raffish, rakish, smart, spiffy, snappy, spruce]

  2. [also: nattiest, nattier]

Natty (disambiguation)

Natty is a singer/songwriter from North London.

Natty may also refer to:


Natty is a songwriter, singer and musician from Finsbury Park, North London.

Usage examples of "natty".

Most of the Haluk I encountered were in the gracile, fully active state: slender, wasp-waisted beings with slate-blue skin, dressed in natty uniforms, fatigue coveralls, lab smocks, or the kind of casual alien clothing I had seen in the underground establishment of Cravat.

British novelist had paid to the American romancer the sincere flattery of borrowing from the last words of Natty Bumppo the suggestion, at least, of the last words of Colonel Newcome.

He swung out of his thoughts, looked up and saw Bannerman, as natty a tourist as ever dawdled along the caf6s on the water front.

Now, therefore, looking at his watch, and consulting his time table, he got his slim valise from under on top of the seat before him, together with his hat-case, despatch-box, stick, and umbrella, and brushed off with his handkerchief some of the gritty railway dust that lay drifted in exterior folds and hollows of his coat, rebuttoned that garment with precision, arranged his shirt-collar, stuffed his muffler into his coat-pocket, and made generally that rude sacrifice to the graces with which natty men precede their exit from the dust and ashes of this sort of sepulture.

Carl Speckler, kneeling, touched the splotch that had dried on the natty carpet to the right of the door.

But he cut something out, and he sewed up the wound just as the doctor told him, very neat and natty with six stitches, varying considerably in size but tied off with good tight knots, and we then smothered the area with sulphonamide powder and swathed the patient in bandages.

Rodney Potts, recreated and natty in a new summer suit of alpaca, his hat freshly ironed, sued the town of Little Arcady for ten thousand dollar damages to his person and announced his candidacy at the ensuing election for the honorable office of Judge of Slocum County.

Troy with Achilles, or suffered with Odysseus in his wanderings, or descended the icy depths to seek out Grendel with Beowulf, or journeyed with the Time Traveller of Wells, or visited those wild weird stars of Olive Schneider, or escaped from the Mohegans with Natty Bumppo.

He sniffed up to a parted door where a natty lad in a plaid weskit was positioned as guard.

There came to his nostrils not the expected reek of sulfur but a subtler effluvium of expensive aftershave, together with a few bars of elevator music -- and a natty young man in a sixties vintage suit with narrow lapels and a slim funereal tie peered at him from behind black, very mod horn-rimmed glasses.

There was time enough to put on a clean suit and tie and her nattiest fedora before the cab arrived to take her to dinner.

There were many curled darlings displaying their fine forms in the nattiest of uniforms, whose gloss had never suffered from so much as a heavy dew, let alone a rainy day on the march.

Robert Hopper Softly in a natty black suit stood in a patch of bedazzling grass, briefcase in hand, a modernistic pair of dark glasses covering much of his face.

Most of the men also donned clothes nattier than overalls and also went to church: Trimm to the Baptist, Roozeboom to the Methodist, Rouleau to the Episcopal—that being the closest thing to Roman Catholic in Lexington—and even Hannibal went seeking a black congregation of some denomination.

But this law gets little or no attention in the Deerslayer tale, as Natty Bumppo's case will amply prove.