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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
the Nationalist/Republican etc cause (=their aims and organization)
▪ The election results were a serious blow to the Nationalist cause.
▪ The strategy involved removing troops to barracks and standing down checkpoints in nationalist areas.
▪ Yuri Skokov, Secretary of the Security Council, was considered sympathetic to the nationalist cause.
▪ At times, his grip on the nationalist forces appeared to be failing.
▪ In Belgrade, by contrast, Milosevic had remained a political actor, and a pivot for extreme nationalist forces.
▪ At the present time the strength of the Catholic and nationalist forces in the North lies in their political discipline and restraint.
▪ The nationalist leader often had to invent a unifying culture as well as lead.
▪ Whole provinces were deprived of their nationalist leaders.
▪ The nationalist leader did something similar with the cultural detritus of the past to create a new national group.
▪ The differences of opinion among nationalist leaders added to the problem.
▪ At the time it seemed as if the government had crushed the nationalist movement by locking up its leaders for life.
▪ Many nationalist movements were to appear before 1914.
▪ From the outset of the Corsican nationalist movement the real decision-making has mostly been in the hands of armed groups.
▪ Two extreme nationalist parties took the rest.
▪ About another 25 percent of the voters here supported other leftist or nationalist parties.
▪ Veterans' associations and nationalist parties have also threatened mass protests.
▪ The third is the loose grouping of leaders of republics and nationalist parties.
▪ In order to ensure the support of the nationalist parties Shamir increased settlement funding, including infrastructural development of the occupied territories.
▪ Buthe won the 1996 election so narrowly that he reluctantly had to rely on the nationalist parties for a stable parliamentary majority.
▪ Direct interventions in elections motivated by local issues are rare, except in the areas where nationalist parties can have an impact.
▪ Life is not easy for the government in Madrid when it has to depend on the support of nationalist parties.
▪ According to Western reports, officials in Xinjiang had acknowledged the impact of rising nationalist sentiment across the border in the Soviet Union.
▪ Many observers are worried that a resurgent interest in local cultures must inevitably lead to xenophobia and ultra-nationalist sentiment.
▪ Transnational links were shattered by closing frontiers and the tide of nationalist sentiment sweeping through society.
play the race/nationalist/environmentalist etc card
▪ It will give the various groups and Tory Members who seek to play the race card the opportunity to do so.
▪ Mugabe now plays the race card.
Nationalist candidates managed to win only one seat in the elections.
▪ The newspaper has campaigned vigorously for the nationalist cause.
▪ The Scottish Nationalist Party wants Scotland to be independent of the UK.
▪ All but the extreme nationalist opposition is portrayed as traitorous.
▪ Ceausescu singled out this minority for especially severe treatment in order to emphasise his nationalist credentials.
▪ In order to ensure the support of the nationalist parties Shamir increased settlement funding, including infrastructural development of the occupied territories.
▪ In others Communist apparatchiks remade themselves as nationalist autocrats, and stifled democracy in its crib.
▪ One is nationalist as much as religious.
▪ The differences of opinion among nationalist leaders added to the problem.
▪ The point is that he has provided one; and one which even Labour's nationalist wing is little equipped to dispute.
▪ Third World countries struggled for national independence and did so often under the banner of nationalist socialism.
▪ Others brought the Third World Marxist rhetoric that was popular at that time among black nationalists.
▪ The black nationalists were portrayed as well-meaning, earnest ideologues lacking the resources to defeat the establishment.
▪ But a key element remained the considerable filial loyalty the catholic nationalists showed towards their clergy, bishops, and Popes.
▪ The national question as such still remains a central preoccupation for catholic nationalists.
▪ Any event which celebrated Catholic, nationalist, or republican culture and history was to be opposed.
▪ The range of tactics used to keep catholic nationalists subordinate was quite comprehensive.
▪ The ambiguity present in O'Connell has arguably aided catholic nationalists over the years in the justification of their policies.
▪ Up to the late 1960s, catholic nationalists were split between two main political groupings.
▪ The outcome of the dominance of both is that historically there have been critical mediations between religion and politics for catholic nationalists.
▪ Because the opposition is the catholic nationalists, concession means the end of the statelet as such.
▪ Most shocking to many commentators was the high youth vote for the extreme nationalists.
▪ The Schism, we may say, tragically helped to polarise increasingly strong nationalist attitudes towards the war.
▪ Kossuth in turn endeavoured to create a much stronger popular nationalist alliance of classes on the basis of radical reforms.
▪ An alternative outcome, but one which may well develop from the first, is the emergence of a strong nationalist dictatorship.
▪ Furthermore, it made the emergence of a countrywide nationalist movement possible.
▪ In reality only the major nationalist parties participated.
▪ His father was a nationalist during the civil war.
▪ Indian nationalists finally won independence for their country in 1947.
▪ Serbian nationalists
▪ A prime minister who sought to push an unpopular agreement through was assassinated but a religious nationalist in March 1951.
▪ He was relatively honest and a sincere nationalist.
▪ Is Brian Moore a patriot or a nationalist?
▪ Overall, these groups include ethnic minorities, ethnic nationalists, indigenous groups, inter-communal contenders, and militant sects.
▪ The balance of Dungannon, despite two SinnFein gains, remains 11-11 between Unionists and nationalists.
▪ Then one of her aides came along and must have thought from the name Adams that I was a nationalist.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

nationalist \na"tion*al*ist\, n.

  1. One who advocates national unity and independence; -- as, for example, one of a party favoring Irish independence before 1918.

  2. One who advocates nationalism, in any sense.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

"one devoted to his nation," 1715, from national in a now obsolete sense of "patriotic" (1711) + -ist. Related: Nationalistic; nationalistically.


a. Of or relating to nationalism. n. An advocate of nationalism.

  1. n. one who loves and defends his or her country [syn: patriot]

  2. an advocate of national independence of or a strong national government


adj. devotion to the interests or culture of a particular nation including promoting the interests of one country over those of others; "nationalist aspirations"; "minor nationalistic differences" [syn: nationalistic]

Nationalist (Ireland)
Nationalist (disambiguation)


Nationalism is a political ideology that can be described from political, sociological and psychological perspectives.

A Nationalist may refer to an adherent of:

Usage examples of "nationalist".

Hitler followed avidly the activities of the three major political parties of old Austria: the Social Democrats, the Christian Socialists and the Pan-German Nationalists.

Patrol took over the Cosmocrat party and set out to gather detailed and documentary evidence of corrupt and criminal activities of the Nationalists, the party then in power.

Patrol took over the Cosmocrat party and set out to gather detailed and documented evidence of corrupt and criminal activities of the Nationalists, the party then in power.

A law which nationalist elements had passed long before the War, to prohibit this sort of involvement in wars, was cynically put aside.

Even if the Nationalist Government survived in an area reduced and fragmented by the new Japanese inroads, defeatism and decay from within would be accelerated.

Marius Wyxzewixard Challouehliczilczese Grimes had been named after an Ethiopian nationalist, a contemporary of Fard Muhammad, in fact, back in the thirties.

Setting my own faults aside for the moment, and they are many, let me say that Gundy was an arrogant, egotistical cretin, so much so that even his fellow Aussies, the most loyal of nationalists, avoided him whenever possible.

Then Jarry looked across the table and found himself staring into the eyes of a journalist for one of the right-wing nationalist Catholic cycling weeklies.

French in the Ruhr and the resumption of the burden of reparations touched off an outburst of anger and hysteria among the German nationalists, and the Communists, who also had been growing in strength, joined them in bitter denunciation of the Republic.

However, the Nazis and the Nationalists, the only two parties represented in the government, had only 247 seats out of 583 in Parliament and thus lacked a majority.

The moujiks, the workers, the students, the women, and the separate nationalist groups all experienced their own forms of malaise.

Nothing contributed more to nationalist sentiment in Iraq, especially in the military, than the British invasion of 1941 and the reimposition of the monarchy.

Finally, we demand and expect that full reparations be paid to the government of the Soviet Union, and to the families of those so callously murdered by the revanchist German nationalists who hide in their city on the west bank of the Rhein.

In addition to his writings on the way of the warrior, Soko is also remembered for his stress on another theme, the greatness of Japan, that was to endear him to later nationalists of the modern period.

As a result, it is closely related to nationalist unilateralism in international affairs, since it forms part of a view that if the United States really has no choice at all but to involve itself with disgusting and inferior foreigners, it must absolutely control the process and must under no circumstances subject itself to foreign control or even advice.