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nation state
▪ But it is only with the development of the nation state that nationalism comes into existence.
▪ On the one hand they are rebuilding in Berlin the grandiose capital of a restored nation state.
▪ The first third of the book is a sustained polemic against the myth of competitiveness when applied to the nation state.
▪ The individual nation state is often therefore presented as a self-contained unit, analytically prior to its international relations.
▪ The very concept assumes the existence of a higher power than that of the nation state.
▪ This is not to say, however, that popular sovereignty requires a nation state.
▪ We have been a nation state for a very long time.
nation state

n. (alternative spelling of nation-state English)

Nation state

A nation state is a type of state that conjoins the political entity of a state to the cultural entity of a nation, from which it aims to derive its political legitimacy to rule and potentially its status as a sovereign state if one accepts the declarative theory of statehood as opposed to the constitutive theory. A state is specifically a political and geopolitical entity, whilst a nation is a cultural and ethnic one. The term "nation state" implies that the two coincide, in that a state has chosen to adopt and endorse a specific cultural group as associated with it. "Nation state" formation can take place at different times in different parts of the world.

The concept of a nation state can be compared and contrasted with that of the multinational state, city state, empire, confederation, and other state formations with which it may overlap. The key distinction is the identification of a people with a polity in the "nation state."

Usage examples of "nation state".

I will also make sure that they understand that North Korea is not going to exist as a nation state after the fighting is over and President Jien Zenim can take that to the bank!

I represent the legitimate, elected government of the nation state of Cuba.