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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Nath \Nath\ [Contr. fr. ne hath,] hath not. [Obs.]


contraction (context obsolete English) hath not


The Nath tradition is a heterodox siddha tradition containing many sub-sects. It was founded by Matsyendranath and further developed by Gorakshanath. These two individuals are also revered in Tibetan Buddhism as Mahasiddhas (great adepts) and are credited with great powers and perfected spiritual attainment. Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh, India, is the centre of Nath sampradaya.

Nath (disambiguation)

Nath may refer to:

  • Nath, A Siddha ceremony
  • Sai Nath, a popular guru from India
Nath (surname)

Nath is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Alka Nath, Indian politician
  • Alok Nath, Indian actor
  • Akshdeep Nath, Indian cricketer
  • Avindra Nath, Canadian physician-scientist
  • Babaji Nath, Indian poet
  • Bijoy Nath, Indian cricketer
  • Chuon Nath, Cambodian Monk
  • David Nath, British television documentary producer and director
  • Dhiraj Kumar Nath, Bangladeshi diplomat
  • Kamal Nath, Indian politician
  • Karan Nath, Hindi film actor
  • Kartar Nath, Indian cricketer
  • Mahant Chand Nath, Indian politician
  • Michael Nath, British writer and academic
  • Narendra Nath, Indian actor
  • Prem Nath, Indian actor
  • Pandit Pran Nath, Indian musician
  • Pran Nath, theoretical physicist
  • Rajendra Nath, Nepalese comedian
  • Reema Rakesh Nath, Indian film writer
  • Sandeep Nath, Indian lyricist, screenwriter
  • Vann Nath, Cambodian painter

Usage examples of "nath".

He and Aguilera, along with Mrat and Nath and Kralik, retreated off to the side to study diagrams and figures, arguing stress ratios with gestures and in a patois neither wholly Jao nor English.

See to it that Nath and Chul and Aguilera are obeyed instantly and fully.

The archer, Nath, shifted nervously in his saddle, looking back out across the shimmering expanse of the desert.

What happened next occurred with such speed that neither Nath nor Neb-Khot could immediately grasp it.

He fell in a limp heap on the road as the horseman continued toward Neb-Khot and Nath at the same deliberate pace.

The nearly fresh horse that he had taken from Nath, the archer, had been ridden relentlessly until it collapsed beneath him.

Aguilera and Willard Belk, who had flown in from Pascagoula along with Tamt, Wrot and Nath, met the ship out on the tarmac.

Yaut had squirted a datastream back to Aguilera and Nath at the refit facility for evaluation.

Aguilera and Nath ride in the back with him while Yaut took the front, and the others squeezed into the second vehicle.

Beneath the tunic of Nath the thief there were a number of highly suspicious bulges, and I remarked to myself that Shusha would be missing a few choice items when she installed herself in her new home.

Aille turned to the supervisor, Nath krinnu Tashnat vau Nimmat, who was pacing with more than a hint of discomposure in her manner.

Supervisor Nath, Aille climbed the scaffolding that bracketed one of the curiously oblong ships and descended a ladder into its interior.

It was actually fortunate for them, as Nath had remarked earlier, that the Jao had arrived when they did.

Supervisor Nath krinnu Tashnat vau Nimmat tracked Director Vamre to a dark alcove in his association hall.

He and Nath had never gotten along well under the best of circumstances.