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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Nat \Nat\ (n[aum]t), adv. Not. [Obs.]


Nat \Nat\ [For ne at.] Not at; nor at. [Obs.]


Etymology 1 n. A spirit in Burmese mythology, whose cult is followed alongside Buddhism. Etymology 2

adv. (context obsolete English) not. (14th-17th c.) Etymology 3

n. logarithmic unit of information or entropy, based on natural logarithms

Nat (spirit)

The nats (; ) are spirits worshipped in Burma (or Myanmar) in conjunction with Buddhism. They are divided between the 37 Great Nats and all the rest (i.e., spirits of trees, water, etc.). Almost all of the 37 Great Nats were human beings who met violent deaths (, lit. "green death"). They may thus also be called nat sein (; lit. green spirits). The word 'sein', while meaning 'green', is being used to mean 'raw' in this context. There are however two types of nats in Burmese Buddhist belief.

Nat spirits are termed lower nats or auk nats , whether named or unnamed, whereas ahtet nats or higher nat dewas inhabit the six heavens. Much like sainthood, nats can be designated for a variety of reasons, including those only known in certain regions in Burma. Nat worship is less common in urban areas than in rural areas, and is practised among ethnic minorities as well as in the mainstream Bamar society. It is however among the Buddhist Bamar that the most highly developed form of ceremony and ritual is seen.

Every Burmese village has a nat sin which essentially serves as a shrine to the village guardian nat called the ywa saung nat . An offertory coconut is often hung on the main southeast post in the house, wearing a gaung baung (headdress) and surrounded by perfume, as an offering to the Min Mahagiri (Lord of the Great Mountain), also known as the ein dwin or ein saung (house guardian) nat. One may inherit a certain member or in some instances two of the 37 Nats as mi hsaing hpa hsaing (; lit. mother's side, father's side) from one or both parents' side to worship depending on where their families originally come from. One also has a personal guardian spirit called ko saung nat .

Nat (unit)

The natural unit of information (symbol nat), sometimes also '''nit ''' or nepit, is a unit of information or entropy, based on natural logarithms and powers of e, rather than the powers of 2 and base 2 logarithms, which define the bit. This unit is also known by its unit symbol, the nat. The nat is the natural unit for information entropy. Physical systems of natural units that normalize Boltzmann's constant to 1 are effectively measuring thermodynamic entropy in nats.

When the Shannon entropy is written using a natural logarithm,

H =  − ∑plnp

it is implicitly giving a number measured in nats.

One nat is equal to   shannons (or bits) ≈ 1.44 Sh or, equivalently,   hartleys ≈ 0.434 Hart. The factors 1.44 and 0.434 arise from the relationships

$$\left (2^x=e^1\Rightarrow x=\tfrac{1}{\ln 2}\right )$$
, and

$$\left (10^x=e^1\Rightarrow x=\tfrac{1}{\ln 10}\right )$$
. One nat is the information content of an event if the probability of that event occurring is 1/ e.

Nat (disambiguation)

' Nat' is a given name or nickname, usually masculine, and also a surname.

Nat or NAT may also refer to:

Nat (Muslim)

The Nat are a Muslim community found in North India. A few are also found in the Terai region of Nepal. They are Muslim converts from the Hindu Nat caste.


Nat is a given name (usually masculine), nickname and surname.

It frequently is a nickname for Nathan, Nathaniel, Natalie, or Natalia.

It may refer to the following people:

Usage examples of "nat".

Pewts father opened the window agen and pluged a club out into the yard and holered scat and then we kep still and we herd him tell Nat Weeks that he had got his gun loded and if he herd it go of he needent be sirprized.

Pewts father and Nat Weeks had gone to bed agen we clim over the fence esy and went of up towards Gilmans barn.

And as for Nat Boody, whose stories he once listened to admiringly, what a scrubby personage he has become in his eye!

Nat as though Covey had brought about the same amount of worldly goods to his union with Vivian.

Nat saw the eyes of the spectators shift from Scott Covey, with his movie-star looks and poise, to Fred Hendin, squat and stolid with thinning hair and an air of profound embarrassment.

But bycause the name of this boke semeth to the redar to procede of derysion: and by that mean that the substance therof shulde nat be profitable: I wyl aduertise you that this Boke is named the Shyp of foles of the worlde: For this worlde is nought els but a tempestous se in the whiche we dayly wander and are caste in dyuers tribulacions paynes and aduersitees: some by ignoraunce and some by wilfulnes: wherfore suche doers ar worthy to be called foles.

And so in playne wordes they repreued without fauour the vyces of the sayd yl disposyd peple of what condicion or order they were: Of this auncient wrytinge of Comedyes our laten Poetes deuysed a maner of wrytinge nat inelegant.

Next morning, driven to his hotel by Nat Fraser, Frank found not only his suitcases and the personal things that had been stolen from him by the muggers, but a pile of Swiss francs and Moroccan dirhams atop the rickety dresser.

De eerste dagen daarna kwam hij af en toe bij zijn positieven, nat en koud en met een ontzettende dorst die hij nog nooit eerder had ervaren.

But for that he coude nat fynde certayne ende of goodnes and hyest felicite in naturall thinges: nor induce men to the same, he gaue the hye contemplacions of his mynde to moral vertues.

Beany went over to his house and set on the steps til his folks went in and shet the door and then we set on the fence under the gas lite and we herd Nat Weeks come home and mister Gewell and bimeby Si Smith shet up his store and then it begun to be loansum.

I am afraid, remains rather as a tribute to the Nat Gubbins of the war years.

Of Gallandus I nedes must saye he do meddyl too much in my counsailles, still desyring me do thus and thus but I will nat.

I wot nat if he happened to fortune upon suche an other: for whan it was commaunded that the grammar maisters shulde teche the youth of Englande ioyntly latin with frenche, there were diuerse suche bokes diuysed: wherupon, as I suppose, began one great occasyon why we of England sounde the latyn tong so corruptly, whiche haue as good a tonge to sounde all maner speches parfitely as any other nacyon in Europa.

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