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NAST may refer to:

  • National Association of State Treasurers ( United States)
  • National Agency for Science and Technology
  • National Association of Schools of Theatre
  • Navigation/Attack Systems Trainer
  • Nuclear Accident Support Team
  • Nepal Academy of Science and Technology

Usage examples of "nast".

I am somehow aligned with Gabriel Sandford or the Nast Cabal, let me assure you that I would not debase my reputation with such an association.

Here this stuff was finally getting easier for me and Kristof Nast wanted to spoil it all.

I am in no way associated with the Nast Cabal, nor do I work for any Cabal.

Our most pressing concern, however, is preventing the Nast Cabal from learning of your good news.

I could still tell Savannah about Nast vanished when we walked into the living room.

Leah and Friesen shared in our meal, Nast looked at the pizza as if expecting the mushrooms to start crawling.

Now, though, as I neared the living room, I had to ask myself what Nast wanted.

I pushed open the living room door, Nast was inside, laughing as Sandford relayed an anecdote about a shaman.

Sandford passed around glasses of claret, Nast settled back in his chair.

Now Shaw was dead, Nast was standing around outside, and Sandford was searching, with great reluctance, for Savannah.

Had they fled when they realized Nast suspected their motives in killing the boy?

It was snowing heavily in Fargo on the day Assistant Attorney General Thom Nast had his second interview with Madame Chang-Sturdevant, President of the Confederation Council.

Chief Long gave Nast a long and thoughtful look before announcing that he too knew lance corporals Joe Dean and Rachman Claypoole.

Long had concluded that if Nast thought these men were good enough to make his plan work, then he would support it.

Another officer covered Nast while the first holstered his pistol, kneeled on his legs and snapped on the cuffs.