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NASK may refer to:

  • Naukowa i Akademicka Sieć Komputerowa, or Research and Academic Computer Network, a Polish research and development organization
  • Nord-Amerika Somera Kursaro, or North American Summer Esperanto Institute, an Esperanto immersion course

Usage examples of "nask".

He had moved through the circle of glowering Iykams to a spot behind Nask, where he now stood at respectful attention.

In other words, he was proposing the three of us make a deal, which Nask and Enig would then turn around and sell to the Patth government for, no doubt, a tidy profit.

He jumped away from the desk toward the wall, just as Nask let out a yelp of his own.

Ixil stood in the doorway, the plasmic in his hand pointed squarely at Nask, his wide shoulders and settled-looking stance blocking any hope of escape for the two Patth pilots standing rigidly in shock in front of him.

Ixil assured me, motioning Brosh and Enig back toward Nask and closing the door behind him.

They maintained a stoic silence throughout the operation, even Nask apparently having run out of things to call us.