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Timothy Patrick Barrus, also known as Tim Barrus (born 1950), is an American author and social worker who is best known for having published three "memoirs" between 2000 and 2004 under the pseudonym Nasdijj, by which he presented himself as a Navajo. The books were critically acclaimed, and Nasdijj received several literary awards and recognition from major institutions. His "memoirs," which dealt in part with issues of two adopted children who suffered from severe problems, were also acclaimed by Child Rights and HIV/AIDS activists advocating for greater awareness of American children living at acute risk.

In 2006 journalists revealed that Barrus had published the Nasdijj books under a fictional identity, and that the events depicted in all three were largely fiction. In the United States publishing world, Barrus' work is cited as an example of memoirs released under misleading pretenses. The deception was revealed in the same period as two other literary scandals. Controversy arose over the portrayal of fictional accounts as memoirs, as well as authors presenting false personas. Native Americans strongly criticized Barrus for appropriating the historic suffering of their people. They criticized the publishing world for so readily accepting impostors.

In the 1980s and 1990s Barrus had published numerous articles and several novels. He is credited by Jack Fritscher with coining the term "Leather Lit."