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Narra may refer to:

  • Timber trees in the genus Pterocarpus, also known as padauk
    • Pterocarpus indicus, a common species referred to as Narra
  • Commander Narra, a fictional character from the Star Wars expanded universe; see List of minor Star Wars characters
  • Narra, Palawan, a municipality in the Philippines
  • Narra Venkateswara Rao (died 2009), Telugu film actor
  • North American Road Racing Association

Usage examples of "narra".

There are no more reasons, no more explanations, no more Narra at all, no Droplet, no Nereids, no universe.

At two minutes before detonation, safely away on the shuttle Narra, Kell would communicate with the base, recommending an evacuation.

Runt immediately put Narra into a climb, toward the surface of Halmad, then continued the loop so that the charred, antiquated black surface of Bastion, and the surrounding gleam of the Super Star Destroyer Iron Fist, came within sight.

The expanding cloud of fiery gas enveloped Narra and shook her harder than the tractor beam ever had.

Face, seated in the cockpit of the shuttle Narra, watched them flash by.

One of the troopers hand-guided Narra to a landing pad marked off by red paint.

Arluno narra che allora atterrate furono le case de' Viconti, de' Castiglioni, de' Sanseverini, e de' Botta e non e improbabile che ne fossero insultati e morti i padroni.

I've siphoned off enough to top off the Narra and all the X-wings except Jesmin Ackbar's.