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Naren is a given name in various cultures.

In Inner Mongolia, Naren is a Chinese transcription of the Mongolian word naran , meaning "sun".

People with this name include:

  • Naren Tamhane (1931–2002), Indian cricketer
  • Naren Ray (1940–2003), Bengali Indian cartoonist
  • Naren Bakshi (born 1943), Indian-born American entrepreneur
  • Naren Gupta (born 1948), Indian venture capitalist
  • Naren Hua (born 1962), Chinese actress of Mongolian descent
  • Naren Kulung (born 1983), Nepali singer
  • Naren Weiss (born 1991), American actor of Indian descent
  • Naren Shankar, American screenwriter of Indian descent