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Nara, Na-ra or NARA may refer to:

Nara (comics)

Nara is a fictional character from Marvel Comics.

Nara (ship)

Several ships have been named :

  • , the lead ship of her class of the Imperial Japanese Navy; renamed in June 1930; demilitarized in November 1940

    • Nara-class destroyer, also called , a class of destroyer of the Imperial Japanese Navy
  • , a of the Imperial Japanese Navy during World War II

  • JDS Nara (PF-2, PF-282), a Kusu-class patrol frigate of the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force, formerly USS Machias (PF-53)

Usage examples of "nara".

Huth produced a cutting tool similar to the one Nara had used on him earlier.

Ryan, Nara and Huth moved to the back wall, their protectors crushing in behind them.

Huth, Nara and Ryan climbed out of the vehicle, but the sec crew remained inside.

Ryan started across a lane of freeway, Nara grabbed him by the arm, jerking him back as a monster truck roared down on them.

When the driver turned again, heading out of the center of the street and toward the narrow entrance to another ramp, the tension bottled up inside Nara finally exploded.

After ushering Ryan and Nara to the front of the box, the others completely covered the van with a clear plastic tarp and secured it on the floor with sandbags.

Ryan and Nara took seats, the mercies started passing around foil packets.

And Nara was right about the ungodly stink inside their plastic envelope.

Ryan, Nara stopped counting under her breath and pressed the detonator with both thumbs.

He lay beside Nara, every muscle in his body quivering and jerking from the shock.

Ryan pushed out from under the slunk, Damm was pulling Nara to her feet.

With the fog still a good distance away, Damm and Nara were fading fast, too.

Ryan could only watch as Damm and Nara took turns stabbing each other in the lungs with similar, long-needled hypodermics, teeth clenched, eyes pressed shut as thumbs pressed the plungers home.

He had hold of both Ryan and Nara, and he drew them deeper into the mist, leading them over to the right side of the tunnel.

There was no question in his mind that he had to throw in with Nara and Damm.