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n. 1 (plural of nap English) 2 (context slang English) kinky or curly hair vb. (en-third-person singular of: nap)

Usage examples of "naps".

And if you, like Robert, have a child who naps at school but not at home, go back to your chart.

Toddlers are likely to be ready for their naps earlier than preschoolers.

By making it a priority to be home for naps and bedtime whenever possible, you ensure that your child will get the sleep he needs.

Perhaps, intuitively, my grandmother knew what researchers have now documented: naps are good for everyone.

Now they are discovering that naps also allow that consolidation to occur.

Where your child naps and where she sleeps at night do not have to be the same.

I introduce the topic of naps at my seminars, it is met with groans of frustration.

What you will also discover as you allow your infant more opportunities to sleep is that the catnappers, who tend to nap only twenty or thirty minutes, begin to elongate their naps, because they are not overtired and on alert.

This week, she has been sleeping sooooo much, two- to four-hour uninterrupted naps and ten hours at night, waking only briefly to feed.

Their naps were off, and they were waking up at odd times, their bodies not quite sure when they should be awake.

I saw Catti the Welshman yesterday on the Burford road, and old John Naps was at the Rood Fair on Barton Heath, and there is word of Pennyfarthing in the Cocking dingle.

John Naps, an old whipjack who is in some sort the owner of Little Greece.

John Naps, who at the first sight seemed only comic, improved at the second.

You have but to speak the word old John Naps taught you to command their aid.

I know not if John Naps be there, but I have the right of entry, and no Fettiplace durst follow.