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Nanette is feminine given name. By 2013, the name was considered to be on the verge of extinction in the United States; it had been among the top 1000 baby names until 1977, and had reached a peak in usage in 1956.

Notable people with the name include:

  • Nanette Bordeaux (1911–1956), Canadian-born American actress
  • Nanette Burstein (born 1970), American film and television director
  • Nanette M. DeRenzi, United States Navy admiral
  • Nanette Fabray (born 1920), American actress, comedian, singer, dancer and activist
  • Nanette Gartrell, American psychiatrist and writer
  • Nanette Hansen, American journalist
  • Nanette Hassall (born 1947), Australian dancer
  • Nanette Kay Laughrey (born 1946), American judge
  • Nanette Lepore (born 1964), American fashion designer
  • Nanette Maxine, American singer
  • Nanette Milne (born 1942), Scottish politician
  • Nanette Newman (born 1934), English actress and writer
  • Nanette Workman (born 1945), American singer-songwriter, actress and writer