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NANDA International (formerly the North American Nursing Diagnosis Association) is a professional organization of nurses standardized nursing terminology that was officially founded in 1982 and develops, researches, disseminates and refines the nomenclature, criteria, and taxonomy of nursing diagnoses. In 2002, NANDA relaunched as NANDA International in response to the broadening scope of its membership. NANDA International published Nursing Diagnosis quarterly, which became the International Journal of Nursing Knowledge in 2002. Other related international associations are ACENDIO (Europe), AENTDE (Spanish language), AFEDI (French language) and JSND (Japan). The Membership Network Groups foster collaboration among NANDA-I members in countries ( Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico and Nigeria- Ghana) and for languages: the German Language Group ( Germany, Austria, Switzerland) and the Dutch Language Group ( Netherlands and Belgium).

Nanda (Buddhist)

Prince Nanda was the younger half-brother of the Buddha. He shared the same father as the Buddha, King Śuddhodana and his mother, Mahapajapati Gotami, was the Buddha's mother's younger sister.

It was seven years after his Enlightenment that the Buddha, at the request of his father, who missed him dearly, returned to his home city of Kapilavatthu.

On the third day of his return, the Buddha, after partaking of his meal, silently handed his bowl to Nanda, rose and exited. Thinking that the Buddha would take his bowl back, Nanda followed him until he reached the Park of Nigrodha, where the Buddha was staying. This was the Buddha's silent demonstration of the Dhamma to his younger brother: a scene which is often represented in Greco-Buddhist art.

When they arrived at the Park, the Buddha questioned Nanda regarding whether he might become a monk. Although Nanda had just wedded the beautiful Janapada Kalyāni, that same day, he took ordination and joined the community of Monks.

However, Nanda enjoyed no spiritual happiness. His thoughts were constantly directed towards to Janapada Kalyāni and his heart pined for her.

Learning of this, the Buddha took Nanda on a journey to Tavatimsa Heaven or . On the way Nanda saw a she-monkey that had lost her ears, nose and tail in a fire, clinging to a charred stump. When they reached the heaven abode, Nanda saw beautiful celestial nymphs and the Buddha asked Nanda: "Which do you consider more beautiful? Those nymphs or Janapada Kalyāni?"

Nanda replied: "Venerable Sir, Janapada Kalyāni looks like the scalded she-monkey, compared to those nymphs."

The Buddha said: "Cheer up Nanda. I promise that you will join the company of those nymphs if you persist as I bid you and take pleasure in living the Holy Life."

Upon hearing this, Nanda practiced diligently with the object of winning the celestial nymphs. However, when the other monks learned of Nanda's wish they ridiculed him and he eventually saw his motive as base, and renouncing desire, attained Arhatship.

There is a poem in Theragatha collection of verses believed to have been authored by Nanda praising the Buddha for having become an arahant.

Abeysekera writes: "On realizing the exquisite happiness of Nibbana, Nanda approached the Buddha and thanked Him respectfully by saying, "Lord I release you from your promise of celestial bliss." The Buddha then informed Nanda that He had been released from the promise the moment he had reached the supreme bliss of Nibbana, because the bliss of Nibbana was greater and transcended any celestial bliss."

Nanda (actress)

Nanda (8 January 1939 – 25 March 2014) was an Indian film actress who appeared in Hindi and Marathi films. She was best known for her performances in films like Ittefaq, Joru Ka Ghulam, Neend Hamare Khwab Tumhare, Kanoon, Pati Patni, Gumnaam, Akashdeep, Bedaag and Raja Saab.

Nanda (Buddhist nun)

Princess Sundari Nanda was the half-sister of Siddhartha Gautama, who later became Gautama Buddha. She became a nun after the enlightenment of her half-brother and became the foremost bhikkhuni in the practise of jhana (total meditative absorption). She lived during the 6th century BCE in what is now Bihar and Uttar Pradesh in India.

Nanda (film)

Nanda is Kannada movie released in 2009 with Dr. Shiva Rajkumar and Sandhya in lead role.

Nanda (disambiguation)

Nanda is an Indian surname.

Nanda may also refer to:

  • Nanda Bayin: King of Burma (r. 1581–99)
  • Nanda dynasty, an Indian royal dynasty ruling Magadha in the 4th century BCE
  • Nanda (actress), A popular film actress of India
  • Nanda (mythology) is a character in Hindu mythology. He is foster-father of god Krishna.
  • Nanda, Mandalay, Burma
  • NANDA, formerly the North American Nursing Diagnosis Association, a professional organization of nurses to standardize nursing terminology.
  • The abbreviation in Chinese Pinyin of Nanjing University
  • An abbreviation of or nickname for the given name Fernanda
  • Nanda or Nandha, a 2001 Tamil film
  • Nanda (Indigenous Australians) Indigenous Australian group