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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Namo \Na*mo"\, adv. No more. [Obs.]


Namo may refer to:

Usage examples of "namo".

And hem she yaf hir moebles, and hir thyng, And to the Pope Urban bitook hem tho, And seyde, "I axed this at hevene kyng To han respit thre dayes, and namo, To recomende to yow er that I go Thise soules, lo, and that I myghte do werche Heere of myn hous perpetuelly a chirche.

It was not till after long entreaties on the part of Duke Namo and the rest, that he consented to grant Huon his pardon, under conditions which he should impose.

The Duke Namo and the rest, deciding that the question should be remitted to the judgment of Heaven, the combat was ordained, to which Charlemagne unwillingly consented.