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Namghars literally Name House are places for congregational worship associated with the Ekasarana religion of Assam. In the Assamese language, 'Naam' means prayer and 'Ghar' means house. Hence, it is called Naamghar. Besides forming the primary structure used for worship, they also function as meeting houses for congregations, as well as theaters for dramatic performances ( bhaona). The Namghar, also called the kirtanghar, is also the central structure in the Sattras (monasteries of the Ekasarana religion) where the other buildings are positioned around it. Namghars are widespread in Assam, and very often more than one namghar exists in a single village, signifying many congregational communities.

Namghars were introduced in Assam by the Vaishnavite saint Sankaradeva for Assamese people where they can culture and practice naam (devotional songs) and Bhakti of God (devotion). He established the first Naamghar at Bordowa in Nagaon district. There is a Namghar in Puri as well, near the Jagannath Temple.