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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Nale \Nale\, n. [A corrupt form arising from the older ``at Ale; also, an alehouse. [Obs.]

Great feasts at the nale.


n. 1 (context obsolete English) ale 2 (context obsolete English) An alehouse.


Nale may refer to:

  • Abia Nale (born 1986), South African footballer
  • Nale Boniface (born 1993), Tanzanian beauty pageant winner
  • Nale language, also known as Atchin, a dialect of Uripiv spoken in Vanuatu
  • Nale, a character in the webcomic The Order of the Stick

Usage examples of "nale".

Beany he said if we wood call it square about the feeds he wood get Gim Elerson to nale on the shue.