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Naib (disambiguation)

Naib 'نائب' is an Arabic word for 'Deputy' or 'Representative of Authority'.

Naib or NAIB may also refer to:

  • National Association of Intercollegiate Basketball or National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics
  • Naib, a ruler of Massawa who acted as a viceroy to the Ottoman caliphate
  • Naib, a local leader in Dagestan during the Caucasian Imamate
  • Naib, a leader of a Fremen community in Frank Herbert's Dune universe
  • Accident Investigation Board Norway, English translation of the Norway Accident Investigation Board

Usage examples of "naib".

Would you not be better off returning to your village and begging Naib Dhartha for forgiveness?

Zensunni believe sandworms are devils, but Shaitan works more harm through one man like Naib Dhartha than through all the creatures of the desert.

With his commercial success in trading spice with rich offworld merchants, Naib Dhartha had succeeded in uniting a number of Zensunni settlements.

Part of him wanted to slay Naib Dhartha, but he understood that a greater revenge was to humiliate the man, undermining his credibility as a leader.

Through it all, the Naib refused to make excuses to Tuk Keedair for decreased productivity, whenever he came to pick up spice in Arrakis City.

He had made a secret promise that he would find a way to solve the problem, to heal the breach between Naib Dhartha and Selim Wormrider.

Confronted with the hard evidence of fluctuating spice deliveries, the Naib could no longer deny them.

He had seen how much Naib Dhartha had grown to depend on offworld goods, and these Zensunni people were already markedly softer than when he had first encountered them years ago.

But what if VenKee Enterprises hired outside workers and ran the operations directly, bypassing Naib Dhartha and all the problems he presented?

Many, many times more than the wedding price Naib Dhartha had imposed on his people.

He saw that this was not merely a struggle between himself and the hated Naib Dhartha, not a conflict Selim could resolve in his own lifetime.

Selim Wormrider was blind to how much Naib Dhartha had done for the Zensunni people.

Even so, Naib Dhartha had been infuriated, cursing the Wormrider with undeserved insults.

Instead of rewarding him for his arduous journey, the Naib had sent his abashed young grandson off to his quarters alone.

When the Naib grabbed the stone window edge with cramped fingers, he stared out into sunlight spilling across the pristine dunes.