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Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

northern England and Scottish variant of no.


Nae is both a surname and a given name. It may refer to:


  • Eugen Nae (born 1974), Romanian footballer
  • Marius Nae (born 1981), Romanian footballer

Given name:

  • Nae Caranfil (born 1960), Romanian film director and screenwriter
  • Nae Ionescu (1890–1940), Romanian philosopher, logician, mathematician, academic, writer and journalist

Usage examples of "nae".

Janet, gang na to see: Ye left a chair afore the fire, Whaur I tauld ye nae chair sud be.

Squire Forster, gonnes in plenty, but almost nae poudre, nor ane left as can mix it.

He had nae ill-will to the Whig bodies, and liked little to see the blude rin, though, being obliged to follow Sir Robert in hunting and hosting, watching and warding, he saw muckle mischief, and maybe did some, that he couldna avoid.

This same day, nae farther gane, at ae step up in the gait cleugh, I slumpit in to the neck.

Aye, I was in the rrricht of it, the divine rrricht I may say, to hae thrrrown oot of the rrrealm a bulk nae matterrr hoo holy that hath been defiled by the pens of Godless rrrepublicans, aye.

Billy wis sayin thit eh once saw that scruff-boy fae Leith, that Spud Murphy, git huckled fir chorin handbags whin eh thoat nae cunt could see wi the smoke machine oan.

English under a table, and gang hame to their mithers after, and think nae mair aboot it.

Even if we had owre muckle power, I think we wad mak nae bad use of it.

Ah felt that satisfying numbness but ah was so up on the meth that a poofy line ay toot would make nae real difference.

Nae point in huvin yir cake if ye canNae fuckin well scran it back, eh, no?

There needs nae aiths to be sworn afore the session wha is your father, young goodman.

She wore nae gold, nae jewels bright, nor silk nor satin rare, But just the plaidie that a queen might well be proud to wear.

Ye wir perfectly welcome tae stey at mine, wi nae strings attached, he told Kathryn.

Nae blood spilt, the Lord be thankit, but such a stramash I never beheld.

Lady Belju, also of Hallingdal, who built Naes church, and by means of fire and butter split the Beja rock, so that a road was carried over it, which road is called to this day the Butter Rock.