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Nadel (surname)

Nadel, which means needle in German, is a surname that may refer to:

  • Adam Nadel, New York City-based photographer
  • Arthur Nadel (born 1932), hedge fund manager accused of $350 million fraud
  • Barbara Nadel, an English crime-writer and previous winner of the CWA Silver Dagger
  • Eric Nadel (born 1951), sports announcer on radio broadcasts for the Texas Rangers baseball organization
  • Gedaliah Nadel (1923–2004), one of the heads of Kollel Chazon Ish and the leading decider of Jewish Law in the Chazon Ish neighborhood of Bene Barak
  • Ira Nadel (born 1943), American-Canadian biographer, literary critic and James Joyce scholar
  • Jack Nadel, author, entrepreneur and proponent of ethics in business
  • Jennifer Nadel, British barrister, journalist and activist.
  • Lynn Nadel (born 1942), Regents' Professor of Psychology at the University of Arizona
  • Nancy Nadel, U.S. politician
  • Siegfried Frederick Nadel (1903–1956), an Austrian-born British anthropologist, specialising in African ethnology

Nadel may refer to:

  • Nadel (surname)
  • Needle (disambiguation) (Nadel in German)
  • Nadil, Azerbaijan