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vb. (context Geordie English) (alternative spelling of knaa English)


NAA or Naa may refer to:

Usage examples of "naa".

Booly learned during a childhood when nearly all of his Naa playmates could run faster, jump higher, and generally outperform him in every way.

Except for the soft sleek fur that covered their bodies, some slight differences in dentition, and the absence of fingernails the Naa were very humanoid.

Private Suresee Fareye, one of the Naa nationals who had fought under Captain Seeba-Ka back on Beta-018, and a crack trooper.

He doubted that the Naa had ever taken part in a tea party, or ever would, but had acquired the phrase from another NCO.

Seconds later the Naa were slapping each other on the back, the Imperial was scraping shit off his uniform, and the second platoon was backing its way into the city.

Each rectangle provided a slice of pastoral life, which when viewed with those around it, combined to provide the viewer with a sense of how many Naa lived.

Not only were the Naa experts at fieldcraft, they could smell a campfire from a mile away, sense warmth through the soles of their feet, and move around in weather that would appall anyone except a Hudathan.

The captain and I will speak with each other, but Sergeants Hillrun and Neversmile will translate our words into Naa, thereby providing one more layer of security.

Yes, there was always the possibility that someone might have a translator loaded for Naa, but the language was relatively obscure, and rarely used on any planet except Algeron.

They would be waiting for him, that much was obvious, but the Naa were tough.

The Naa looked for Santana and was quick to motion the platoon leader forward.

Some other bloke would have just put DIRTY TEW but your dear brotner naa usea mat term on inc aiorc.