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myTunes is a program that allows Windows users to download music from an iTunes music share over a network, circumventing restrictions in iTunes that only allow streaming music. The software is widely popular on college campuses across the U.S. It was developed by Bill Zeller at Trinity College.

myTunes development has now been brought to a halt. ZDNetUK reported on 9 March 2004, "the popular software has all but vanished from the Net, and its programmer's sites have gone dark. But this time, it's not the doing of an angry record industry or a conflict-averse Apple. Trinity College sophomore Bill Zeller, who wrote the program in less than two weeks of off-time coding last year, says he simply lost the source code in a catastrophic computer crash." Zeller said: "I was about to release the second version, when I lost everything. I may put it back online, but there won't be any updates. I don't want to rewrite it." Subsequently, an entirely rewritten version, myTunes Redux, was released, which again operated successfully until once more disabled in iTunes version 7.