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n. (plural of mystic English)

Mystics (film)

Mystics is a 2003 film starring Milo O'Shea and David Kelly, and directed by David Blair.

Usage examples of "mystics".

And in that deep form, the mystics of the world are in virtually unanimous and unyielding agreement, and this on the basis of their experiential evidence disclosed and discussed in a community of intersubjective interpreters.

Hindus or what Western spiritualists and mystics call enlightenment, illumination, unio mystica.

These past mystics have indeed set up a certain holonic resonance for all of us who follow.

Emerson, like so many mystics, is expressing that intuition here in the form of the I-quadrant, as the Over-self or Over-soul.

It is said by these that the experiments of the mystics are related to the transmutation of the entire Universe.

Many modern Christian mystics, incidentally, are perfectly happy to answer yes.

On one occasion he attests to having ascended through several levels of being in a manner similar to the ancient mystics, who rode a chariot through six castles on six celestial realms to reach God at the seventh heaven.

Though he knows he may never share the experience of the ancient mystics, Saul has decided to spend the rest of his life trying.

The mystics who had seen Hyperia told of indescribable, magical devices capable of performing motions of complexities that defied imagination.

Baumer, too, talked about a hermit-teacher who ran a school for mystics up in a wilderness somewhere, although Nixie was unable to locate it from his ramblings.

There is, say the mystics, a hierarchy of inner worlds of increasingly fine or subtle vibration, of which the physical universe is only a reflection.

From the Divine viewpoint, mystics say that the creation is nothing but the Lord worshipping Himself: the Lord worships Himself through us.

And we find the same central position given to this power of Life in the teachings of all mystics of the highest order, though there are also many imitations, too, which use the same language to describe lower regions of the grand hierarchy.

It is because of this, that some mystics have mistaken the Universal Mind for the Supreme Being Himself.

Yet over two thousand years ago, Greek mystics pointed out that one could know everything by looking within oneself- though special techniques are required.