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MYS could refer to:

  • Malaysia; ISO 3166-1 country code MYS.
  • Masisa S.A.; New York Stock Exchange symbol MYS.
  • Minnesota Youth Symphonies
  • Monaco Yacht Show
  • Mysore Junction, Karnataka, India; Indian Railways station code MYS.
  • Mystic (Amtrak station), Connecticut, United States; Amtrak station code MYS.
  • Mystic Records

Usage examples of "mys".

God send yow long lyffe to contynew, for of that day we have not myssed anny St.

For the sake of getting it straight a bit, suppose I call thee Sammywell, and call mysen Sam?

Thou art confessed so clene, beknowen of thy mysses, And hat3 the penaunce apert of the poynt of myn egge, I halde the polysed of that ply3t, and pured as clene As thou hade3 neuer forfeted sythen thou watz fyrst borne.