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Usage examples of "myrt".

With fingers that fumbled, Myrt began to unbutton the worn, soiled blouse.

He lingered at the bar, however, until Myrt entered the room pointed to by the bartender and closed the door behind her.

I had no interest in the folksy ones, the ones with the neighborhood flavor and neighborhood trade, cute signs about credit, bartender being a jolly uncle, general conversations including everyone at the bar, and generally a couple of massive women named Myrt or Sade or Pearl bulging over the edges of their bar stools, drinking draft beer and honking their social-hour laughter.

Dey was Miss Lucy, Miss Myrt, Miss Sarah, Miss Nettie, Marse Charlie, and Marse Tom.

Her name was Myrtle--we called her Myrt --and everyone loved her: the kids, B, and me.

He had hand rubbed tung oil into the wood to finish it, renewing it every New Years Day through all the years since, making up excuses for the hour or so he spent in the shop while Myrt watched the Rose Parade.