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Myrsini (, before 1915: Σουλεϊμάναγα - Souleimanaga) is a town in Elis, Greece. It is part of the municipal unit of Lechaina since 1997. In 2001, it had a population of around 1,200. Myrsini lies in a flat coastal plain that stretches from Amaliada to Kato Achaia. It is 3 km southwest of Lechaina and 3 km northwest of Andravida.

Myrsini (disambiguation)

Myrsini can refer to the following places in Greece:

  • Myrsini, Grevena, a village in Grevena regional unit
  • Myrsini, a town in Elis
  • Myrsini, Laconia, a village in Laconia
  • Myrsini, Lasithi, a village in Lasithi
  • Myrsini, Preveza and Kato Myrsini, two villages in Preveza regional unit
  • Myrsini, Tinos, a village in the island of Tinos