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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Myrosin \Myr"o*sin\, n. (Chem.) An enzyme, resembling diastase, found in mustard seeds.


n. An enzyme found in mustard plants, which hydrolyzes sinigrin.

Usage examples of "myrosin".

It has properties very similar to Black Mustard seeds, containing Sinigrin, a crystalline glucoside, which is decomposed in the presence of water by Myrosin, an enzyme found also in the root, the chief produce being the volatile oil Allyl, isothiocyanate, which is identical with that of Black Mustard seed.

The seeds also contain the crystalline glucoside Sinalbin and the enzyme Myrosin, which unite to form a volatile oil, called Sinalbin Mustard Oil, used for various purposes, though not so pungent as that of Black Mustard.