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Myrna is the anglicized form of the Irish name Muirne and may refer to:

  • Myrna Anselma (1936–2008), Dutch Antillean fencer
  • Myrna Blyth (born 1939), American editor and writer
  • Myrna Brown (1959–2007), African-American singer and songwriter best known as Screechy Peach
  • Myrna Clark, New Democratic Party candidate, Canada
  • Myrna Combellack, academic researcher and writer of the Institute of Cornish Studies
  • Myrna Cunningham, Miskita feminist and indigenous rights activist from Nicaragua
  • Myrna Dell (1924–2011), American actress, model, and writer
  • Myrna Dey, Canadian writer and novelist
  • Myrna Driedger, politician in Manitoba, Canada
  • Myrna Fahey (1933–1973), American actress, played Maria Crespo in Walt Disney's Zorro
  • Myrna Fyfe (born 1941), retired Canadian provincial level politician and hospital administrator
  • Myrna Gopnik, Professor Emerita of Linguistics at McGill University
  • Myrna Hague, Jamaican lovers rock and jazz singer and actress
  • Myrna Hansen (born 1934), Miss USA 1953
  • Myrna Herzog (born 1951), Brazilian-Israeli Viol player and conductor
  • Myrna Katz, former South Africa cricketer
  • Myrna Kostash (born 1944), Canadian writer and journalist
  • Myrna Lamb (born 1930), American playwright
  • Ludmyrna "Myrna" Lopez (born 1969), Democratic member of the City Council of Richmond, California
  • Myrna Lorrie (born 1940), Canadian country singer
  • Myrna Loy (1905–1993), American film, television and stage actress
  • Myrna MacAulay of Townshippers' Association, in Quebec, Canada
  • Myrna Mack (1949–1990), Guatemalan anthropologist
  • Myrna Narcisse, director general of the Ministry of Women's Condition in Haiti, died in 2010 earthquake
  • Myrna Opsahl, killed by the Symbionese Liberation Army
  • Myrna Phillips (born 1942), politician in Manitoba, Canada
  • Myrna Sharlow (1893–1935), American soprano in operas and concerts
  • Myrna Smith (1941–2010), American songwriter and singer
  • Myrna Summers (born 1949), Gospel Music singer, Minister of Music in Glenn Dale, Maryland
  • Myrna Veenstra (born 1975), former field hockey player from The Netherlands
  • Myrna Weber (born 1941), American model
  • Myrna Williams (politician) (born 1929), American political figure in Nevada
  • Myrna Wooders, Canadian economist, contributor to public economic theory, network theory and game theory