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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Myriagram \Myr"i*a*gram\, Myriagramme \Myr"i*a*gramme\, n. [F. myriagramme. See Myria-, and 3d Gram.] A metric weight, consisting of ten thousand grams or ten kilograms. It is equal to 22.046 lbs. avoirdupois.


n. (context obsolete English) A unit of mass of ten thousand grams, or ten kilograms. Adopted as an equivalent of the French avoirdupois XX.


n. one ten thousandth of a centner [syn: myg]


The myriagram is a former French and metric unit of mass equal to 10,000 grams ( myriad being the Greek word for ten thousand). Although never as widely used as the kilogram, the myriagram was employed during the 19th century as a replacement for the earlier American customary system quarter, which was equal to .

In 1975, the United States, having previously authorized use of the myriagram in 1866, declared the term no longer acceptable.