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n. (plural of myriad English)


For the wiktionary entry of the word "Myriads", see myriad.

Myriads is a Gothic metal band from Norway. Myriads was formed in September 1997, in Stavanger on the west coast of Norway.

Usage examples of "myriads".

Particles adhered to my skin--thousands of years between finger and thumb, these atoms of quartz, and sunlight shining all that time, and flowers blooming and life glowing in all, myriads of living things, from the cold still limpet on the rock to the burning, throbbing heart of man.

This forest land is marked by the myriads of insects that roam about it in the days of sunshine.

Yet the midsummer hum, the deep humming sound in the atmosphere above, has been loud and persistent over the hayfields, so that there must have been the usual myriads of the insects that cause this sound.

It seemed a triumph of culture over such a space, such regularity, such perfection of myriads of plants springing in their true lines at the same time, each particular ear perfect, and a mile of it.