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Of this group of hills the highest is the Long Mynd, a mountain district of very remarkable character, and many miles in extent.

Long Mynd is less strikingly picturesque and more desolate, but the view from the top in this direction is the finest of any.

I had undertaken was no very light one, as the only access from Wolstaston to Ratlinghope was by mountain tracks, over the highest part of the Long Mynd, unless indeed one drove round the base of the hill, a distance of at least twelve miles.

Though perfectly familiar with this part of the Long Mynd, I was so blind at this time, and everything looked so strange, that I did not in the least recognise my position.

The Prince according to the former token,Which faire Serene to him deliuered had,Pursu'd him streight, in mynd to bene ywrokenOf all the vile demeane, and vsage bad,With which he had those two so ill bestad:Ne wight with him on that aduenture went,But that wylde man, whom though he oft forbad,Yet for no bidding, nor for being shent,Would he restrayned be from his attendement.

Nepenthe is a drinck of souerayne grace,Deuized by the Gods, for to asswageHarts grief, and bitter gall away to chace,Which stirs vp anguish and contentious rage:In stead thereof sweet peace and quiet ageIt doth establish in the troubled mynd.

Percie excepted) greater experience amongst them, however misconstruction may traduce here at home, where is not easily seen the mixed sufferances, both of body and mynd, which is there daylie, and with no few hazards and hearty griefes undergon.