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n. (lb en very rare chiefly jocular) (alternative spelling of men lang=en nodot=1) {{gloss|''plural of'' '''(l en man)'''}}

Usage examples of "myn".

Arruth had hoped that she could lose Lord Wrathscar and his myn here, but even now she heard them coming closer.

Wrathscar sent two myn to bring her to him, and instead she ran into the depths of the Stalking Grounds, going farther and farther until she was completely lost.

He shoved Arruth in and, with his myn riding before and behind, they rolled out into Havensword heading for the principal mansion he maintained in addition to his rooms in the palace.

His gaze darted around them to take in as many faces as he could before the two myn blocked him entirely.

A couple of students set off after blunted work out weapons, but returned to find that both myn had already produced their own.

The Guild tended to assign their myn in the same small groups they had bonded with during training.

Lemyari fought as myn, rather than as monsters, although with monstrous strength and speed, using swords and knives.

Then he went to the cabinet of deployed myn and units since Yahni had implied to them that he had been given an assignment.

Mohanja stared at his hands while the other myn read, waiting patiently for their reactions.

She started walking, trying to keep the crowds between herself and each small group of myn in Wrathscar colors, hunching her head and shoulders a bit, feeling that rather than making herself inconspicuous she was actually making herself more conspicuous.

The Wrathscar myn hesitated and discreetly fell back, melting once more into the crowd.

She kept her voice even, totally without emotion or inflection, and very, very low so that it would not carry to the myn coming after her.

All myn who lived in the city and came to work in the compound were taken aside and interrogated as potential vampires.

I will personally see whoever gave these myn their orders in the deepest hell of Hadjys as My God is my witness.

There are going to be myn staying in your parlor at all times, just like they do with Talons.