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Myosin regulatory light chain interacting protein, also known as MYLIP, is a protein that in humans is encoded by the MYLIP gene.

MYLIP is also known as IDOL "Inducible Degrader of the LDL receptor" based on its involvement in cholesterol regulation. The expression of IDOL is induced by the sterol-ativated liver X receptor.

Increased Degradation of LDL Receptor Protein (IDOL) is a ubiquitin ligase that ubiquinates LDL receptors in endosomes and directs the receptors to the lysosomal compartment for degradation. IDOL is transcriptionally up-regulated by LXR/RXR in response to an increase in intracellular cholesterol. Pharmacologic inhibition of IDOL could reduce plasma LDL cholesterol by increasing plasma LDL receptor density.