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Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

proper name for a polyester film, 1954, trademarked by E.I. Du Pont de Nemours and Co., Wilmington, Delaware, U.S.A. Like many Du Pont names, it doesn't mean anything, they just liked the sound.


n. A polyester film; see

Usage examples of "mylar".

Perhaps they were what drew Little Wind and Little Storm to the vicinity, but for whatever combination of reasons, the two deities swept directly into the flight of mylar shapes.

Wings of mylar beat against the air, fish tail swam against currents those below could not see.

There was a dome-thing, up on the farthest suspension tower, honeycombed into sections like new copper, but Skinner said it was just Mylar, stretched over two-by-twos.

Multi-tracks and oscilloscopes and VCRs and huge 3-mil thick Mylar foam speakers that looked like the rear seats of a 1933 Chevy.

Shane held the mylar envelope up to the light, then, shaking her head, laid it back down on the desk.

She wrapped herself in a Mylar space blanket near the fire and pillowed her head on her flight jacket.

The two women bought a stack of pinkish silver Mylar balloons and a sympathy card and placed them beside his bed.

With dismay Chuck studied the plastic, sectioned plate and collection of white mylar bags and packages arrayed before him.

He was dressed in a mylar jumpsuit with red and blue slogans on it written in a chunky script Billy could neither read nor recognize.

It consisted of sophisticated electronic receivers and large-capacity recorders that used Mylar tape.

Mylar balloons in the shapes of winged lions, winged bulls, and ziggurats bob over the throng, their strings clutched by hands still sticky from the free ice cream provided by the Church of Elish.

He turned to the human known as Janet Anastasi, blinked his mylar plastic eyelids nervously, and allocated a hundred nanoseconds to resolving a small dilemma.

Instead of the black heat tiles and white heatresistant felt covering, the Limo gleamed all over with protective gold Mylar covering.

The balloons were brilliantly simple, little more than long narrow tubes of exquisitely thin yet tough Mylar inflated with hydrogen gas automatically when they reached the proper altitude to float across the landscape like improbable giant white cigarettes.

They were normal in most respects: flexible mylar and plexulose con structs with polarizing faceplates, air tanks, powerpacks, helmet radios, belt-clips for tools or guns.