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Roll-out period

2008–{{cite web

Prior System

Metcard (Metropolitan areas)
Paper tickets (Regional rail and bus)

Issuing Authority

Public Transport Victoria

Areas supported |- align=left

Services supported

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MIFARE DESFire (standard tickets)
MIFARE Ultralight C (short term tickets)

Official Myki website

Myki is a reloadable contactless smartcard ticketing system used on public transport in Victoria, Australia. The system is promoted by Public Transport Victoria and is valid on most public transport services in Melbourne and regional Victoria. The system was developed by Kamco (Keane Australia Micropayment Consortium). The initial 10-year contract was worth approximately A$1.5 billion, described by The Age as "the [world's] biggest for a smartcard ticketing system".

The Myki card is a re-usable, credit card-sized, contactless smartcard that stores value which can be used as payment for public transport fares.

Ticketing requirements for trains, trams and buses in Melbourne are mainly contained in the Transport (Ticketing) Regulations 2006 and the Victorian Fares and Ticketing Manual.