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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Myiagra is a genus of passerine birds in family Monarchidae, the monarch flycatchers, sometimes referred to as the broad-billed flycatchers or simply broadbills (not to be confused with the broadbills of the family Eurylaimidae). There are about twenty species, all of which are native to Australasia.

Members of this genus differ from the closely related genus Monarcha in having their crested heads often unpatterned, and the sexes being different in appearance. They have satiny plumage and perch upright, their long tails tending to move frequently. Males typically have dark blue heads and upper parts and paler underparts, and females are mostly similar in appearance to the males but their colour is more washed out and less intense. Their broad beaks are adapted to feed on insects, which they mostly catch on the wing. Their call is described as harsh and unmusical, and the orange lining to their mouths is visible when they sing.