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Myhre is a Norwegian surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Aslak Sira Myhre (born 1973), Norwegian politician
  • Geir Myhre (born 1954), Norwegian former ice hockey player and coach
  • Hans Bernt Myhre (1817-?), Norwegian politician
  • Jan Eivind Myhre (born 1947), Norwegian historian and professor
  • John Myhre, American Academy Award-winning production designer
  • Knut Myhre (born 1931), Norwegian politician
  • Lars Elton Myhre (born 1984), Norwegian alpine skier
  • Lise Myhre (born 1975), Norwegian cartoonist
  • Nils Kristian Myhre (born 1971), Norwegian newspaper editor and former footballer
  • Øyvind Myhre (born 1945), Norwegian science fiction and fantasy author
  • Peter N. Myhre (born 1954), Norwegian politician
  • Petter Myhre (born 1972), Norwegian retired footballer and current coach and commentator
  • Rolf Myhre (born 1939), Norwegian politician
  • Thomas Myhre (born 1973), Norwegian football goalkeeper
  • Wenche Myhre (born 1947), Norwegian singer and actress