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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Etymology 1 n. 1 (context obsolete Australian Aboriginal English) A stranger; an ignorant person. 2 (context Australia English) An Aborigine living according to tradition and in a traditional way. Etymology 2

n. Any of various Australian acacias, especially the (vern: weeping myall), (taxlink Acacia pendula species noshow=1), or the wood of such trees.


Myalls are any of a group of closely related and very similar species of Acacia:

  • Acacia binervia, commonly known as coast myall;
  • A. papyrocarpa, commonly known as western myall;
    • a weeping form of the species, commonly known as water myall;
  • A. pendula, commonly known as weeping myall, true myall, or myall;
  • A. sibilans, commonly known as northern myall.

Category:Australian Aboriginal words and phrases

Usage examples of "myall".

He was detested by the squatters, and the wish was frequently expressed in language more forcible than becoming, that the Attorney-General could change places for six months with a shepherd upon the Myall Creek.

Blacks heard that seven white men had been hanged for the Myall Creek fray, they grew more and more daring.

My father told them that the Blacks were no longer his brothers, and that the Whites intended to punish their race for the evil deeds they had committed, by shooting every Myall Black except women and children.

I can ride anything -- anything that ever was lapped in horsehide -- swim like a musk-duck, and track like a Myall blackfellow.

Something hits me in the ribs like a stone, and another on the right arm, which drops down just as I was aiming at a young fellow with light hair that had ridden pretty close up, under a myall tree.

From his bunk-head he took an axe, cut in two a myall log, and brought in half.

Warder, growling savagely, went along the back wall of the hut, and, despite the semi-darkness, his eyes scintillating with menace through the cracks drove from them a crouching figure who turned hastily to grip the axe near the myall logs.

He had not hidden there, nor among the myall clump where he had practised his bloody plot.

Seven or eight myall logs lay near for firewood, but all were too thick to be wielded.

Nungi hiding between two myall logs, rebounded and struck the chimney, increasing the confusion.

His eye travelled from her black curly hair, powdered white with the myall ashes, to her equally disguised boots, his recent gift.

For the scrub grows dense and quickly and, though many went to seek, No one ever struck the lost track to the Well on Myall Creek.

But I dream at times that I might find what many went to seek, And my luck might lead my footsteps to the Well at Myall Creek.

The pendulous streamers of the myall, stirred by the night breeze, swayed to and fro with an undertone scarcely audible.

Its sides were thickly clothed with the forest oak and varieties of the myall, all low growers, having scented wood and leaves which, greedily eaten by stock, are at once palatable and fattening.