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With him was a short, rotund Myal with a shaggy black and gold mane that hung over his dark, beady eyes.

Israi turned, and found a Myal standing there with a neatly wrapped package in his hands.

She knew how much Israi loved to play the grand lady, and this silly Myal believed every bit of it.

He hurried to scoop it up and handed it to another Myal, who had appeared with a folded paper in his hands.

She fell bodily against a whimpering Myal and was thrust off with a sharp elbow.

Last cycle, in the third sector, one Myal Thorkenson actually doubled his quota.

Toward the east there was a boundary of myalls and gum-trees, beyond which rose Mount Hottam, its imposing peak towering 7,500 feet high.

Beyond the hut a clump of myalls loomed spectral and wraith-like, and round them a gang of crows cawed noisily, irreverent of the great silence.

There was only the clump of myalls, and the few stunted sheoaks bordering the distant creek.

The fire was lightless, yet he could see more plainly, but the cause was not manifest, till from the myalls quite close the jackasses chorused.

Gaping cracks suggested yawning graves, and the skeleton fingers of the drooping myalls seemingly pointed to them.