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My.Kali is a Jordanian pan-Arab LGBT publication published in English in Amman, Jordan. It started publication online in 2008. It is named after openly-gay model Khalid, making major headlines, as it is the 1st LGBT publication to ever exist in the MENA region.

In an article for Al Jazeera English titled 'Pushing for Sexual Equality in Jordan' stated: "Earlier this year, they published the magazine’s 50th issue, and celebrated the magazine’s seven-year anniversary. Kali is on the cover, hugging a sculpture head, his naked torso covered in white dust. The headline reads: “Tell Me Little White Secrets!”" the article was soon removed by the official site, and pasted on blogs and pages instead, due to the huge stir the article caused at the time.

The magazine regularly features non-LGBT artists on their covers to promote acceptance among other communities and was the first publication to give many underground and regional artists their first covers like Yasmine Hamdan, both lead singer and violinist of band Mashrou' Leila, Hamed Sinno1 and Haig Papazian, Alaa Wardi, Zahed Sultan and many more. “Jordan is a very traditional country, and we're considered controversial in Jordan for simply breaking the stereotype and stepping out of norm,” Khalid told Egypt Independent.