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MWC may refer to:

  • Match Winning Chances in backgammon
  • Married White Couple, personal advertisement acronym
  • Married... with Children, a U.S. television situation comedy
  • Mennonite World Conference, a global community of Christian churches that facilitates community between Anabaptist-related churches and relates to other Christian world communions and organizations
  • Mobile World Congress, annual conference and trade show for the mobile phone industry in Barcelona
  • Mount Wilson Catalogue, an astronomical catalogue of emission-line stars
  • Mountain West Conference, a U.S. collegiate athletic conference
  • Multiply-with-carry, mathematical algorithm for a simple pseudo-random number generator
  • Music World Corporation, a U.S. music publishing company founded by Academy Award winning songwriter Robert B. Sherman
  • Music World Creations, a Canadian-based independent record label, the label of 1970s Canadian rock trio The Stampeders
  • MWC model, biochemical model of protein transitions
  • The Minnesota Wrecking Crew, a Canadian sketch comedy troupe
  • The Mount Wilson Observatory catalogue of A and B stars with bright lines of hydrogen