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The Collaborative International Dictionary

MVP \MVP\ n. (acron.) most valuable player; the player judged to be the most important to the sport, also the name of the award given to that player. [abbreviation]

MVP (disambiguation)

Most Valuable Player is an award, typically for the best performing player in a sport or competition.

MVP may also refer to:

MVP (group)

MVP (also known as Most Valuable Playas) is a hip hop act from New York. The line-up of the group featured an R&B singer from The Bronx, Vice Verse (aka Victor Matos); MC Stagga Lee (aka Eric Newman); and Robert Clivillés (aka Rob Dinero/Rich Kid).

The group released two albums, Stagga Lee presents MVP ( Casablanca/ Universal Records, 2003) (when the line-up contained four more members: Mighty Max, Jasmine Ray, J.R.X.L. and Fatts Bronston) and Hip Hop, Clubs, Girls & Life Vol. 1 ( Positiva/ EMI Records, 2006).

The group's debut single, called "Roc Ya Body (Mic Check 1, 2)," was a hit in Europe. "Roc Ya Body (Mic Check 1, 2)" reached #5 in the United Kingdom in July 2005. " Bounce, Shake, Move, Stop!" was the second single released, and reached #22 in the UK Singles Chart in 2006. The group has released no further singles.

MVP (novel)

MVP is the debut novel of writer James Boice. It follows the life story of Gilbert Marcus, a star basketball player who rapes and kills a woman in a hotel room during the off-season. The prologue was featured in Esquire Magazine in September 2006. Publishers Weekly described it as a "stunning debut."

MVP (TV series)

MVP'' (Most Valuable Player) (Trophy Wives'' in the United Kingdom) (promoted in Canada with the subtitle "The Secret Lives of Hockey Wives") is a 2008 Canadian television series that debuted January 11, 2008 on CBC Television.

The program was cancelled by the CBC on March 7, 2008. Poor ratings and high production costs were cited as reasons for the cancellation.

MVP (Australian TV series)

MVP is an Australian sports television series which aired on One HD in 2010. It was hosted the former NBL player Steve Carfino.

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