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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Mutch \Mutch\ (much), n. [Cf. D. mutse a cap, G. m["u]tze. Cf. Amice a cape.] The close linen or muslin cap of an old woman. [Prov. Eng. & Scot.]


n. 1 (context now rare Scotland English) A nightcap (hat worn to bed). (from 15th c.) 2 A linen or muslin hat, especially one of a type once commonly worn by elderly women and young children. (from 16th c.)


Mutch may refer to:

  • Alec Mutch (1889–1960), Australian rules footballer
  • Andy Mutch (born 1963), English former football player
  • Charlie Mutch (1893–1974), former Australian rules footballer
  • Duane Mutch (born 1925), American politician, member of the North Dakota State Senate
  • Fred Mutch (1898–1986), former Australian rules footballer
  • George Mutch (1912–2001), Scottish football player
  • Jordon Mutch (born 1991), English professional footballer
  • Leslie Mutch (1897–1977), Liberal party member of the Canadian House of Commons
  • Maria Mutch, Canadian writer
  • Robert Mutch (born 1984), South African cricketer
  • Sandy Mutch (1884–1967), Scottish football goalkeeper
  • Sarah Mutch, Canadian fashion model
  • Stephen Mutch, Ph.D., LL.B. (born 1956), Australian politician
  • Thomas A. Mutch (1931–1980), American geologist and planetary scientist
  • Thomas Mutch (1885–1958), Australian politician
  • Tom Mutch, the former ice hockey coach

Usage examples of "mutch".

Then we asked how mutch he wood sell her for and he said he wanted 5 dolers for her but he wood let us have her for 2 dolars and fifty cents and we could have the wagon for 2 dolars and fifty cents two, and he wood throw in the harnes.

I thank you very mutch for such a happy time and the white farm is the most butifull plase in the whole whirld.

Beany he took a glass and drunk it and lit a cigar, a sweet firn one and said how is trade, and i said they is quite a little stiring, and he said have you got mutch stock and i said most sold out but they is plenty more where that come from and Beany he said dont you want to by my stuff and i said no i gess not.

A wide blue cloak, a squat and sturdy throng Of curt blue coats, a mutch without a speck, A white vest broidered black, her person deck, Nor seems their picked, stern, old-world quaintness wrong.

  Ive always liked him & Ive always luked up 2 him evir sins he woz 1 ov thi peepil they sent me 2 when they reelized I tolkd farely normil but I thot a bit funy, + I tend 2 do whot he sez - it woz him sed Perhaps u wood make a good tellir, & him whot sujjestid I keep a jurnil, witch this is whot u r readin - but this time I doan mutch care whot he finks, or @ least I do but I doan mutch care how bad it makes me feel goan agenst his advice bcoz I juss no I ½ 2 do this.

  I didn want 2 cut my parashoot free & I didn think that wude make mutch difrinse nway + ther woz juss a chanse if thi rokit destroyd thi baloon Id survive & b abil 2 yoose thi parashoot (Ha!

  From heer I can look down on2 thi terisses & litil villiges on thi roofs ov thi parapet merlons wif thi litle feelds on thi crenels & if I look rite down I can c thi flat green valey that is thi alure but I xpect nun ov this terminoloji meens much if u doan no mutch about cassils.