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n. the square of a body of any size of type [syn: em, mutton]


Mut, which meant mother in the ancient Egyptian language, was an ancient Egyptian mother goddess with multiple aspects that changed over the thousands of years of the culture. Alternative spellings are Maut and Mout. She was considered a primal deity, associated with the waters from which everything was born through parthenogenesis. She also was depicted as a woman with a head dress. The rulers of Egypt each supported her worship in their own way to emphasize their own authority and right to rule through an association with Mut.

Some of Mut's many titles included World-Mother, Eye of Ra, Queen of the Goddesses, Lady of Heaven, Mother of the Gods, and She Who Gives Birth, But Was Herself Not Born of Any.

Mut (disambiguation)

Mut is an ancient Egyptian mother goddess.

Mut may also refer to:

  • Mixed-breed dog (properly spelled as mutt)
  • Precinct of Mut, Egypt
  • Mut, Mersin, a district of Mersin Province, Turkey
    • Mut Castle, a castle in the area
    • Mut Wind Farm, a wind power plant in the area

MUT may refer to:

  • Material Under Test
  • Methylmalonyl Coenzyme A mutase, a mitochondrial enzyme
  • MUT (zinc finger protein), a synthetic zinc finger protein
  • Mauritius Time, a time zone used in Mauritius
  • MultiUser Talk, an obsolete BBS chat program
  • Military University of Technology in Warsaw ( Jarosław Dąbrowski Military University of Technology in Warsaw)
  • Manar University of Tripoli, in Lebanon
  • Mitsubishi MUT (Multi-Use Tester), a series of essential diagnostic and reprogramming tools for Mitsubishi Motors automobiles
  • Madden Ultimate Team, a gameplay mode in the Madden NFL series of video games
MUT (zinc finger protein)

MUT is a three-finger zinc finger protein derived from Zif268. It binds the DNA target sequence 5'-GCG GAC GCG-3'.

Category:Zinc proteins

Usage examples of "mut".

Mut may have chosen some other spirit, not one of the two men of the Aurochs Hearth.

Drossel setzte sich an das Gitter des Fensters und sang so lustig sie konnte, damit Elise den Mut nicht verlieren sollte.

Midir sein derer, die den Mut eines Mannes auf dem Weg in die Schlacht aussaugen.

Though he did recall one of the Muts telling him the black-and-orange ones were called Minwanabi, and they were a particularly tough and evil bunch of bastards.

Easily two dozen of the enemy lay dead on the ground, accompanied in death by four Muts and two horses.

Tsurani scout does presage a Tsurani drive to the east, much less a late-winter one, but if it does, given their numbers and the number of the Muts standing in their way, they could run through LaMut and not slow down until they reached Loriel.

Peters for nearly two hours about the New Kingdom, the Middle Kingdom, Osiris, Ammon, Mut, Bubastis, dynasties, Cheops, the Hyksos kings, cylinders, bezels, Amenophis III, Queen Taia, the Princess Gilukhipa of Mitanni, the lake of Zarukhe, Naucratis, and the Book of the Dead.